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Backbone.js is a frivolous JavaScript framework based on Model-View-Presenter (MVP) design. It helps to organize web applications by offering models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it to existing API over a RESTful JSON interface.

Our team backs this JS framework to the fullest. Hire our dedicated developers who can aid you largely without compromising on any of Backbone.Js advantages. Our efficiency in implementing new technologies will seal your win in the competition.

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Our Backbone.js Development Services

For arranging the codes of business applications in a better way, developers find this platform as the finest option. Backbone.js can be used for the creation of client-side applications that run on various devices. With our rich skills, experience, and portfolio, we at Revival Pixel have become the major exponents of Backbone.js to built customizable and highly scalable web apps for various business requirements. The Backbone.Js developers at Revival Pixel are experts at:

Customized Node JS Applications

Web-Based Application

Our company uses Backbone.Js to develop incredible web applications for multifarious enterprises worldwide. Our applications are built faster and are attested through a quality assurance system before going live.

API and Package Development

Ajax Development

Our developers are quite efficient and provide services that are highly reliable and interactive with a back-base of AJAX framework. Our Backbone Js developers help to make proper use document object model for interaction modules and dynamic display.

Backend and Dashboard Development

Custom Application

Our Custom application solutions based on Backbone.Js keep businesses ahead of the competition. Our team has the capability to customize the application design and functionality to offer a superb interactive experience to the end-users.

Plug-Ins Development

Mobile Application Development

The reach of the business can be multiplied exponentially through a mobile app. Our developers assure you that the mobile applications provided to you will be fully featured and client satisfaction.

Chatbot Development

Support & Maintenance

Organization requires a maintenance system that supports the predictability of an application and hence improving its performance. Our developers provide automation system support that helps in decreasing the workflow of the companies while saving a lot of time for the customers.

Hire Dedicated Developer With Niche Expertise.

Hire our dedicated Backbone.js Developer to get complete control over the team to meet evolving project requirements.

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Your Business Reap Benefits

For better design and hundreds of code, BackboneJS is an ideal choice that incorporates good functionality, well structured, and organized manner for application development. Backbone communicates through events, so one would not end up the app in a mess. Backbone`s nicer, cleaner and more maintainable code features are what make it useful in simplifying the development process by dividing the tasks into small parts. Listed down some other advantages:

  • Syncing With A Back-End

    The models of BackboneJS can be tied to a back-end easily. In addition, it offers great support to RESTful APIs in a way that models could map to a RESTful endpoint. If the API is designed correctly, the backbone is configured to directly access these for read, write and delete operations, through GET, POST and DELETE.

  • Event-Driven Communication

    With the projected growth, jQuery callbacks and declarations become more and more complex and distributed all over the place. BackboneJS alleviates this via offering an event-driven communication between models and views. One could attach event listeners to any model attributed, which provides a much-nuanced controller over what is changed in the view.

  • Maintainability through Conventions

    Conventions are great for introducing a common coding style with no need for an extensive set of coding standards. BackboneJS is particularly helpful in maintaining a clean code based regardless of having multiple people coordinating on a code.

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