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It’s So Easy to Write a Technical Whitepaper for an ICO?

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It’s So Easy to Write a Technical Whitepaper for an ICO?

Nowadays, people are having keen internet in ICO, which is kept on increasing.  If you are unaware of the term then let us inform you ICO Stands for ‘Initial Coin Offering’. It is used to get rid of the capital raising procedure essential required by venture capitalists or banks. The need to write a technical whitepaper for an ICO has been using by almost all the projects based on blockchain.

Around millions of start-up ventures from all over the world are trying to raise their fund by using this reliable technology.  The market has now established the ICO guidelines and ‘Whitepaper’ is one of them. It is used to provide a project description which is required in the course of ICO. In this article, we will talk about the right way to use it.

What Is A Whitepaper & How to Write a Technical Whitepaper for an ICO?

Everyone seeks for the best practice to execute any work. If you are too looking for the best ways to write a Technical whitepaper for an ICO then check out some real examples of successful projects, who have already established themselves in this market. In this article, we have come up three easiest successful projects and examine their whitepapers.

Monetha is a type payment system for the blockchain.  Due to its effectiveness, it generated revenue of $37 million (95 000 ETH) in just 18 minutes. It consists the details description of the all the working plans of projects, token economy, fund using plans as well as team members. This information is quite essential or crucial for all type of whitepapers. Furthermore, it also has many easy to read diagrams.

Eternity IS another sample of the projects that generate around $34 million. The whitepaper of this project leaves an impression that documentations fail to be complete as we required.

The last example is the Filecoin. It has collected about $257 million during its ICO. The founder of this also planned to make use of a research article pattern

For Making Millions, Do You Need To Hire An ICO Whitepaper Writer?

The need to write a technical whitepaper for an ICO works is essential for product launching and its marketing to bring the best output for the particular industry but funding and doing publicity become difficult when the technology in your whitepaper does not prove effective in the market. So. . .

“It is recommended to hire an Amazing ICO Whitepaper writer” because A person needs to prepare a vision and then move toward funding, in order to execute it. They depend on the best ICO whitepaper to generate revenue from this particular area. As a result, whitepapers affect the success of ICO’s.

A best ICO whitepaper is a piece of complex paper and a team needs to write to bring out this kind of pieces. It works same as marketing, business plan, brochure, technical manual and a case study. These papers should be carefully merged with the technical aspects and business exercise. They need to block device and question on security for protecting investor interest. Also for differentiating the token from the numbers of others, which are competing for headlines?

If you have planned for your blockchain based projects then there are certain thing that can be made possible with an expert ICO whitepaper writer.

The difference they make in:

Transforming the Story

Through your Whitepaper outline template, you can make your vision come true of improving on or inviting many latest technologies that the world required. The story needs to established and praised. It should thoroughly prepare along with core paper elements like actual product advantages, description about the fundamental, underlying technology. Few of the good writes use the story description to attack and then transfer the investor involvement in the enhancing the whitepaper’s other standard elements.

Generating Project Creation

All the Whitepaper outline template almost start in the same manner. In the initial stage, they start with disparate notes, scheduling team interview, numbers of research and products as well as technical documentation.  Many good writers thoroughly manage all the work by step by step. They carefully develop by collaboration with the team to build up paper elements, filling up the content wherever it is lacing etc.

Seeing a Unique Project Vision.

Founders and the team members are very close to the technology and vision for introducing any products. It would be quite challenging to write, edit and evaluate the worth of the product without bias. If anyone would be bias and unfair to pick, the pre-existing belief kills credibility and ruins whitepapers as well.  Thus, you need someone to be brutal and to kills darlings. Theoretically, the case and the disruptive potential of existing technology or process requires back up. The hidden value that brings out cash from the token sale can open up the opportunity for selling and building a good customers relationship.

You might get an idea about the concept of writing a technical whitepaper. Let`s study how to create the structure of a technical whitepaper for an ICO.

Here Is the Correct Way to Do This

Preparing an effective blueprint of the whitepaper is quite essential.  After all, it works as complete structure of any business which is based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Just on the basis of your whitepaper format, investors would judge the while projects. So make sure that your Whitepaper outline template would be eye-catching and easy to understand. Also, you have taken care of the fact that your whitepaper consists all the elements that can convince an investment.

Here is the structure of whitepaper that you can opt

  • Defining Problem Clearly: you would thoroughly define and identify the problem then it would prove the best way to find an appropriate solution. In the CASHA’s whitepaper, it is clearly state whether they need an alternate banking and transaction methods. It tells that lots of people from all over the world does not have a bank count and have to use the banking service for financial purpose.
  • Clearly Defined Vision: it aims to build up a platform, where people would get banking facility for future and lower their financial barriers.
  • Explanation of Beta model: In order to check the possibility and correctness of an actual project, you need to build sample and do all the necessary tests. CASSHAA has set up a beta version for their wallet, in which around 12770 users from 141 nations had tested. It clearly gives the details of the beta version and gives a strong base to build up faith in investors.
  • Authorizations of The Team: the money should be raised for a concept which would guarantee brings the 100% positive result in future. The quality of all the developed products depends on the technology that is using and the skills of the team as well. CASSHAA is listed amongst the top successful businessman. Its whitepaper consists the detailed information about its tea member.

Some Other Factors To Structure a Technical Whitepaper For An ICO

  • Information about Architecture and Design: the implementation of projects is an important thing to consider. It would help you to know whether your project would be profitable or not. In the CASHAA’S whitepaper, the information from the architectural points of view is clearly defined and divided into 5 main component layers namely CASconnect, CASnet, CASfabric, CASchain, and CASfiat. Each layer consists the different aspect.
  • Connotations:  the association is another important thing that should be included in the whitepaper. CASHAA has also associated with many reputed and old player in this domain such as Agrello Foundation AUXESIS group etc. it helps to gain the trust of your investors.  By mentioning detailed information about the association you would gain the trust easily.
  • Clearly Defined Utility: Every investor will surely doubt your skills as what you can produce. So it is always recommended to mention the utility of your domain. CASHAA’ whitepaper also definite the utility of their domain and the scope of their offered product list as well
  • Particulars of Its Project:  All the detailed information about your offered product list should be mentioned in your whitepaper. CASHAA also talked about their offered product like virtual cards, digital wallets, micro-lending facilities and many others. It facilitates the investor to know about your offered service and product list.
  • Past Achievements And Future Roadmap: there might be various past achievement that you might have made before. It is always good mentioned all those achievements along with the proper timeline. This ensures that you are a promising firm and known for delivering all the work on time.
  • Details of Token Specifications and Distribution:  a whitepaper should also consist the details information about the token specification and distributions as well. It should how and what percentage token is available to whom. It also gives the details information about the token sales.

Let`s have a look at some of the outstanding whitepaper and review some best ICO whitepaper examples that may inspire you in terms of design and structure.

An effective Whitepaper outline template always attracts the investor toward the domain. By doing the intense research and gaining lots of idea from the many popular projects, we have come up with the list of top 10 Best ICO Whitepaper Examples in Terms of Structure & Design

Choose the right tool

If you would choose the right tools for making your whitepaper then you would find various themes and variety as well. The overall look of your whitepaper leaves a good first impression on people.

Elaborate on the structure

Carefully elaborate the structure of your whitepapers like the cover of your whitepaper, the tablet content, Graphic elements, Media element and many others. All these factors widely affect the overall look of your whitepaper.

Table of Content

Corporate template and company identity

There are many corporate templates available in tools. You can use them to make your whitepaper attractive and catchy.

The MCO Token Creation

Add more white space

Too many pauses and gaps can make a reader bounce. So make sure that you are putting the content as it is.

WePower token sale model

Enhance with colors

If you will keep the format black white then everyone will find it boring so make sure that the whitepaper is quite catchy and filled with lots of colors to a better appearance.


So, how are these practices implemented in real whitepapers? We`ve shared a collection of 5 smartly-designed ICO whitepaper from an ICO development company.

Highlighted the ideas that make them special.


Ideas: Dilute, business-like colors and lots of white space. The plus point is custom medical graphics that enhances readers’ comprehension – if you want something like this, check out the set of healthcare icons from Agente which you can download for free.



Ideas: A futuristic style that resonates with the ICO’s ideas of revolution and innovation.



Ideas: Unusual background, well-elaborated structure, unique graphs and charts.



Ideas: Trendy colors, flow charts and graphs, consistent style across the document.



Ideas: Custom icons, sharp message, color consistency.


Final thoughts

From the all above-mentioned information, you might get a complete idea to write a technical whitepaper for an ICO. Now, we will talk about the interesting content design that block chains startup should choose. Here are some of the tips from our survey.

  • A perfect whitepaper would not help bad projects: if any team would find out the solution for any nonexistent problem or to a non-essential problem then it means that the team of not familiar with the concept of the blockchain. Thus the projects would not proof worthful even if the documentation is good. All the startup company who are willing to do should be conscious of the concept.
  • The pattern should suit the team: Filecoin and Aeternity ‘the most popular projects have chosen the research article pattern for their domain. It would be interesting to know whether the ‘research article would not contain any information on the project team. It would be found on their official website in a special menu bar.  To deliver a high-quality research article an author should have experience in writing similar documentation.
  • It is essential to take the public into account: you might conscious about the fact that the style and the pattern of a best ICO whitepaper, depend on the readers as if your target audience is IT person or a scientist then it should consist information using a research article pattern. On the other hand, if you want to target the audience of diverse nature then you should not insert the scientific terms in your document with scientific terms.  But you can opt the two version of the documents, one of a wider audience and other for the specific audience.

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