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Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for 2019 That Haven’t Been Made Yet

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Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for 2019 That Haven’t Been Made Yet

Smart people love smart stuff, being extraordinary is the trend. Big thanks to the technology to introduce the new era of SmartPhone.

Today our itchy fingers can change the world, ordering a pizza is on the go, crazy apps can make us look young again in pics, the wow animation factor, HD game playing experience and unlimited media access. Everything is possible with the SmartPhone. Future is yet to be seen, and so is the future of mobile technology.  

Google Play Store has turned up to be the Mecca of apps. What you want, you get! But, when it comes to expectations, you dream of fantasy. If it’s about dreaming of a mobile application, then imagination can turn true. Big salutes to the software engineers, who have made it possible to evolve apps for daily use and made living life easier. Generation of mobile apps is trending, so are the trends and ideas. Thinkers are thinking, and engineers are engineering for a better future. To spark the cloud of ideas, check out the list of undiscovered mobile app ideas to raise the bar in 2019.

  1. Barter exchange appName suggests itself, the trend is back from the past. A Barter exchange app will revive the trading methodology. Instead of purchasing things by money, one can trade with a product exchange. You take my laptop and in exchange for your smartphone. That’s interesting! So, be ready to barter soon.
  2. Time ValueTime is money and money is time. If you waste time, you waste money. How about an app that allows you to help in time management, so you set work hours to earn a fixed set of income. The idea is about a time management calculator, it will help the generation to schedule work timings and earn the required money to set future goals.
  3. Search products by photo: Nothing to do with a selfie here! Think about an app allowing you to search for a product by searching the same by clicking a photo. You click a photo and search it on Google to buy a similar product. Girls will be happy about this app, as searching and buying Kim Kardashian’s outfit will be no more a dream.
  4. City Guide App: Travelers will go crazy for this one. Imagine about a digital guide taking you on the virtual tour on a city map. You land the Bahamas and start the Google City Guide app, it gives you a Cortana assistance and guides through the city tour. Every popular tourist spot will be covered, so practically you know how to reach and where to visit, as per the interests. Last, not the least, virtual touring can be kept as an option to attract tourists.
  5. Public Car Sharing: Based on the concept of Car Pooling, the advanced version would allow car owners to register for public car sharing. It will not be a cab, but an innovative idea to improve transportation and bring haul to the increasing pollution. You share a car with people you wish. Sharing is caring!
  6. Security Agent: How about James Bond guarding your smartPhone? No one would dare to touch your phone. Security app will click the photo of the person who attempts to break your phone unlock code and email you the accuses photo. This will surely be a good anti-phone theft application. The traditional phone security locks will fail on this one. 100% safety!
  7. Movie Search Engine: Sometimes we see movie clips on social media sites and we are unable to recall the movie name. Now, this app will come into action, you can search it using the saved short clip. The apps cloud storage will instantly flash the results with a list of the same movie available over the Internet for streaming. If the plan goes success, NetFlix might come with a cloud storage of all the movies in the world. Good one for Movie Buffs!
  8. Pet Life Care: Caring for pets will finally become easier. Innovating an application dedicated to pet owners, what a smart idea. Here people will get health reports of their pets by sharing pics with a veterinarian. The report will be provided for a fixed time and after that paid health reports. Taking care of your adorable four leg friend will be no more a problem.
  9. Cartoon me: Creating your own comic using pictures saved in the Gallery is super cool. Inventing such app will bring competition. Maybe your comic’s storyline might attract Marvel or DC. Sharing the comic on social networking will act as a booster and promote the app in just a few months. Software engineers note the idea, this innovation can bring revolution in the media sector.
  10. Virtual Interior Design: Furnishing home is always tough. So, Interior Designers need to come with an app that allows users to click a photograph of their room and test curtains, sofa and other furniture. If things match, the buyer will instantly make the purchase. The app will feature add and remove an option for easy navigation. Finally, the designing home will be a happy experience.

Thinking About An Innovative App

Applications are love, right from the Game category to lifestyle, eCommerce, travel and science. The best source to track the new app ideas is Social networking sites and Forum threads. Well, Quora is not a bad option to seek idea.

Thinking about future applications becomes easier with the thought of software engineers and Android app developers. They work hard to change the game every time. Surely, they might have planned several surprises for us.

Investors looking for some crazy app concepts must try to link with Facebook pages of Software topics, one can definitely click some kick-ass idea. Not to forget, all the apps that we are using today came live due to an idea.  

Hopefully, things will change in 2019. Not sure, but the app ideas discussed above will definitely be real in the coming future. Surprises are yet to be delivered, so have patience and enjoy the world of apps.


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