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The top pick… 15 mobile app development client questionnaire

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Savvy businesses are aware that having a web portal of their business is not enough to remain competitive in the market. If you are not leveraging your business on a mobile app, then you will be leaving a lot of opportunity and money on the table.

According to various research statistics, it has been noted that around 75% of internet users own a Smartphone & more than 30% of the people use apps, specially branded apps for mobile research.

However, most of the consumers prefer to access the internet from their mobile phones, therefore it is necessary for all the business owners to create their personal business apps, expand their reach to the target customers, and obviously get business profit from it.

But what does this mean for a prominent mobile app development agency?

This opens the door for an increase in work and rapid increase in a number of projects in Android, iOS, and cross-platform. Still, there are essential things that a mobile app development agency needs to confirm from their client before scheduling an appointment. They need to answer all the questions related to the project to end on a highly at a highly successful note.

Let’s discuss what questions a mobile app development agency need to ask their client:-

General Intro about your client’s organization:

Before initiating a project, It is utmost important for a prominent app development company to  get familiar with their client.

Nature of Their Business.

First and the foremost thing, it is most important to understand your client’s requirement and the nature of their business. In simple words, you need to know what products and services your client is dealing and offering to its customers.

Means of Communication and Contact Details.

After creating an outline of your client’s business, you can ask them about contact details and preferable communication channel, like Phone, Email, Skype and more to easily connect and communicate with them in future.

Whom Your Client Want To Target From Their Business?

You should be aware of the target audience of their client business. No doubt, a better communication with your client will help you to get an idea, still, it’s important to ask your client to get a clear picture – what they want and to whom they want to sell his products and services.

Who Are Their Main Competitors And Why They Want An App?

Well, this is a great approach to be aware of your client’s expectation, what they want from you in their mobile app. Moreover, this will help you in framing step forward design and development strategy, and further mobile app marketing strategy.

Mobile App Development Process – Main Course of Discussion:

Once you collect the general and personal details of your client. It’s the time to shift to the main course of the discussion of i.e. mobile application development – their purpose, their choice of platform and so on.

Do They Want Mobile App or Web Application?

Whether your client wants to develop a mobile app or some web-based application, it is necessary to clarify from your client in the beginning

Why Do They Want To Develop An App?

You need to know what essence the customer has about the mobile app. undoubtedly, they there answer will be something like – they want to extend their reach effectively, but you should ask them – Is there any particular purpose for which they are looking forward to a prominent mobile app agency? If there is any other application that keeps intact his attraction or interest, or else he is inspired by something.

Does Your Client Have Availed Any Service Before?

Get an insight from the client, whether they are hiring a mobile app development agency first time or have already availed the services earlier. Make sure to ask them about their previous experience and satisfaction with the performance of existing mobile application, if they have hired someone before. They may need changes in the existing mobile app if they have already availed the services before.

What Would Be The Choice Of The Platform?

Now, this is an important part that you should take into consideration. You have to take into consideration whether the client prefers to launch the app on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store or both. The cost of mobile app development varies as per the choice of the platform. Also, make them sure about other terms and conditions related to releasing of the app.

What Necessary Features Do They Want To Include In Their App?

This is one of the most important zones, where your agency executive need to spend an ample amount of time as it requires a keen discussion on what features need to be implemented. Of course, you are going to suggest the dynamic features from your perspective but at the ends, the client has to take the final call. This would involve:

So, you need to cover question related to color theme, font size, font name, videos, content, design, images, icon of their app, language, Geolocation, display like landscape view or portrait size view, adding the push notification or any other extra feature that your client want to include in the app.

What’s your client’s budget?

Most of the clients have a limited budget. So, it is necessary to be very clear with the client – whether the budget provided is sufficient enough to develop the mobile application or he would have to invest more based on his requirements. At the end, you have to crack the deal so you can negotiate the deal with the client by offering some discounts.

Now The Questions Related To Security And Technical Aspect:

During this phase of the questionnaire, you make sure that you have covered all the security-related aspects like you don’t want unauthorized tools to access, hackers and leak your private data. You cannot think of development work without security covering or layer. You must be aware of your client’s authentication procedure.

Hence, it is advised to you to opt for a password encryption. You may also ask to protect your sensitive data with the help of SSL using certificates.

While moving to the technology-based questions or discussions, you should focus on server related issues and building the login page. You can initiate with questions like:

Is There Any Lead To Build Login Page?

Well, it is not required in all apps, but sometimes, clients require it necessarily. So, you can confirm from the client, whether or not they need it.

Which Cloud-Based Service Would Your Client Prefer?

Let the client make a choice in selecting the cloud service provider, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Which Choice Of App Distribution Model Your Client Want?

Public or Private Distribution or the Enterprise Distribution are a few options available to the client.

In addition to the essential points, you have to take into account some other aspects, such as the decision on implementation of server backend, the development of app in single or multiple stages, creation of APIs to connect to the cloud database, the incorporation of R&D in some of the features, storing of the data and so on.

At What Timeline, Your Client Wants To Complete The Project?

The answer involves your expert mobile app developer. You need to confirm the deadline for the project even if the client does not set any. Only your developer can assure you how much time is required to build a particular app. Based on that, you can give an estimate of the project delivery.

Last But Not Least

Make sure, when your agency manager and client sits on a discussion related to mobile app development, they must clear each and every doubt and cover all the necessary aspects. They must need to cover all the key aspect related to mobile app development such as design process, technique, budget cost, and security aspects.

Apart from the above key aspects, both the parties will agree upon the terms and conditions related to payment and work.

Feel free to ask, clear each and every step of the app development process with your client, as any miscommunication or negligence will lead you into the trouble in the future and will weaken the possibility to maintain a healthy relationship with your client.

Remember, a satisfied client only leads to more business!


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