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Latest Mobile App Trends That Headed The Market

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Latest Mobile App Trends That Headed The Market

There is great rise in app users who are using large number of free apps every day. According to latest studies it has revealed that, one person is using about 37 apps per day.

Mobile App Trends Statistics 2018

Apart from free apps users are also taking the facility of paid apps for their mobiles. In 2011 the number of paid app users is around 3 billion which has increased to 15 billion in 2017.

Mobile App Trends Statistics 2018

As the number of download increases it will directly increases the revenue of an app. According to latest analysis, app revenuers expected to reach in 2020 is around 190 billion which will directly jump from 70 billion in the year 2015.

There is a vast growth in mobile app technology due to changes in ecosystem. With the introduction of new technologies, old technologies are ruling out of market. Application will become more faster than sleeker. Come across with 10 mobile app development trends which will rule out in market for 2018. All these apps are also involved in mobile marketing trends 2018 which help in increasing the turnover of the company due to the introduction of new apps for the entire period.

For A Better Context, Here Are Mobile App Trends of 2018 That Headed the Market:

Increase in wearable apps:

There is great rise in wearable app category which is likely to increase more than 2 years. Along with that, there is an introduction of cloud based technology which will not affect your memory of the phones. Person can access their data from anywhere and anytime. There are couples of applications that are running on cloud based technology where which allows the users to get all their important data any time. Apart from that, security of data is also one of the top features of this technology where data is fully safe and secure.

Streaming of app:

It is very common to download the app on phone before using it. It creates more problems for the users because there is limited space in user’s phone and they will face problem in downloading the app. Lack of space in the phone is also the main cause of app abandonment.  There is in introduction of app streaming technology in current scenario. This feature will help you in streaming of app without downloading it from app store. It will give new experience to the users along with enjoying more space in the phone.


Security of app is important as it will increase the usage of mobile apps in enterprise. It is one of the main parts of mobile marketing trends 2018 which allow the users in maintaining the security of their data in best manner without leaking it to outside world.


AMP technology:

This technology aims to increase the loading speed on mobile. It is better to convert the page into AMP which gives fast results to the users and great experience on mobile web. Another technology known as Called progressive web app which helps in looking the website just like mobile app. It is best than native apps which requires less maintenance costs.

Payment system:

Users will come across with mobile based payment app which allows the users to make the payment for any product and services from their phone without visiting the concerned website for payment issues. It is big change in society by making it cashless.

Feature of artificial intelligence:

They are important for mobile apps. Many companies are spending big amount of money in order to update AI technology. It will provide the main features of automation where the tasks of the users are done in simple way without creating any kind of problem for the same.

Introduction of augmented reality app:

These apps are also important as it helps in improving the quality of videos along with graphics parts. It requires more knowledge from experts and trained professionals who will develop this AR app for proper functioning of the videos without creating any kind of problem in between.

CLOSING LINE : Above all are the future mobile industry trends which you will come across in mobile app developments. These trends are designed according to the expectation of the clients in related areas. In present scenario app industry is doing the great job which is helpful to the users in every area. Right from gaming till education sectors, these apps are playing major role in different sectors. In coming years, you will come across with many other apps which will cover large share in the market.

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