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How To Earn Money From Android Mobile apps?

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How To Earn Money From Android Mobile apps?

Lots of applications are developing on daily basis. Even, people are willing to download them for different purposes.  But the question arises, are you building up these apps just for fun?

Probably ‘No’.

Due to the increasing digitalization, people are more into using their androids phones or iPhones which clearly means that they make use of application as well. The application has now been the home the source of income as you can easily earn money from developing Android apps.

While keeping in mind about the increasing usages of a mobile phone, launching app would not be a bad idea at all, especially when you can earn money from Android mobile apps. But “The question then arises here. . .”

How to earn money fast from Android Mobile apps?

You can rely on best Android App Development Company!

To get the right answer – what you should, and shouldn’t do.

Let us elaborate through this article, how top-notched Android App Development Company can help you to earn money from Android mobile apps.

Let’s Check The List Of Models That Can Help You To Make Money From Android Apps:

After extracting data from umpteen websites, we`ve found these following models that surely generate revenue from Android Mobile App.

Android Mobile App

The first and foremost way is go for freemium Android apps.

It is considered as the most popular ways of developing games and applications as well as the most revenue generating. It helps you to easily make money from Android apps, According to the Distimo’s report, it ensures the 76 percent of all revenue in the Apple App
Store in the US and over 90 percent in the Asian markets.

Freemium for apps or games is available for free of cost with many limited feature, virtual goods, and content as well. At starting, users can access a premium version or additional content and feature through in-app purchase. You can also use it for a monthly content update.  It removes the price point for people so that they can download an application and ensures the developers with the opportunity to prove the value of their product.

Through this, an individual can offer premium or additional content as well as offer basic features for free that users need to pay to use complete functionality of some of the best apps to make money fast online.  It offers a free basic version of any developed apps to consumers to get a quick purchase in with least resistance. It also lets users buy additional features for a fixed price or a monthly subscription when they’re hooked and find value in it.

The next stand in the list is one-time paid apps.

The application costs only one time at the time of downloading it. All the updates and other features come as complimentary. If you are intended to launch best paid apps to make money fast online then make sure that it compelling enough for users to pay download even without first showing the first demo of it. In order to earn bulk money from Android mobile apps, you should always look for new customers every time.

If you are wondering that how you would determine whether your application would be paid one or not then you must know whether most of the paid application offers the core values in the first download along with some of the few additions or design and user-friendly nature.  Most of the best apps to make money fast comes under this category.

Android apps with paid features covers the third rank.

It is another effective way of building best apps to make money online.  Some people find it unfair to pay to download an application and then pay again to get benefits of many other features. It might seem tricky for you to charge like this but if it would one cleverly with a value proposition then it can work and has been going on by the number. Thus it has proved the best way to earn money from Android mobile apps.

Last but not the least is advertising with free Android apps.

In all the above-mentioned ways, the users have to pay to either download the app or to use it. Apart from them, there is one easy way to earn Money from Android app is free apps with advertising. Many apps developers make use of these best apps to make money fast online. You can take the instance from the Sleep Easily Meditations by Shazzie which costs no money to download and access non-intrusive advertisements for the time being the application is in use.

This application gets about 330 downloads every day and then can runs for over 20 minutes every time whenever it is used. Through this, you can make best apps to make money fast – when a large number of users downloads and make use of your application regularly.  So this way is suitable for you only if your application calls for prolonged usage frequently, such as the one above.We understand that there are many options to earn money from Android apps and for the better growth of revenue. The lifetime experience of the customer will conclude whether your application is a hobby or just a business.

Is there a limit to revenue-raising with Android mobile app?

After knowing that your best mobile apps can make money fast, you might wonder to know whether how much  money you can earn from Android app. There is no certain limitation about earning money through the application. It would be in term of billions of dollars as well. But remember one thing whether not all application is mean to earn money fast only there is a certain application that does not make any money at all.

The top-rating apps in the whole world are not that you are expecting. Through this article, you would get to know everything about how to earn money fast from Android mobile apps. Also, you would get an idea of how it works and how your apps can become an earner.

Due to the emerging growth of the digitalization, the mobile market is growing speedily. Over the past years, the industry has been making the continuous growth. Nowadays, people are more dependent on internet or application and it is seen that 80% of internets users have owned a smartphone. While keeping in mind about the massive growth, there
is no wonder to know whether Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs alike are
trying to be a part of this business sector.

If you are planning to develop a best mobile app that make money fast – For sure, it is a cool idea. But experts suggest that the thorough understanding of the market in which you would invest is essential. So make sure that you have studied or get information about the profit related things, a way of working etc. building an application is a kind of difficult task to perform and everyone want to get rewards in returns

Here is a real scenario!

Whether its a paid or free Android app, how much you can earn?

Sean Owen, worked at Google

Sean Owen, worked at Google

This is one of the essential and useful data to point out whether how a straightforward free/OSS + paid/premium app to make money fast.

A a primary developer of barcode scanner formerly known as Android apps on google play in the year 2008. In the year 2012, he created a for-pay version in order to fund the OSS Projects that formerly known as called Barcode Scanner+ (Android Apps on Google Play).

It was a standard free/open source + premium for-pay app model. In the year 2014 just after complete 6 years, barcode scanners get around 29.4M users, and after 2 years, the BS+ app has about 42K.  It has just got a little cross-promotion. At ~$3 it has earned about $88K in net revenue. Moving forward, in the December 2015, the barcode scanner has got about 35.5M users, and BS+ has about 52K total users, with net revenue of about $100K as a total. When the google did a discussion of its application’s history, it has got 16 million (Peak) Barcode Scanner Users in the year around November 2017

Android starts changing dramatically over the very short time period but at present, the active install count reached 16 million in around a year ago and now the proportion is dropping at about 12 million now.  It is an aging application gradually replacing things like built-in Android barcode API. It considered as the difference from the user who counts the store to report, which reported 35 million a couple years ago.

The core projects and application never built up in any way.  After the monetization through
plus application, it has raised a revenue returns over the year 57,500 users along with the development costs.

Brian P. Hamachek, Wrote social app with over 5 million users

His Android app take in 250,000 monthly active users. Now, they are using Facebook’s Audience Network native ads. The aim is to bring in roughly $4-5,000 a month from them.

They have roughly 150,000 monthly active users On Windows Phone with very strong engagement. They are showing CPM advertising from Microsoft pubCenter on their app screen. Roughly, 50 million impressions they get every month. and the revenue model seems like $5,000 and $10,000 in take-home ad revenue per month.

Moving to the Android Mobile Apps, they have 25,000 monthly active users initially. whenever a user opens a photo full screen, they show a single interstitial advertisement . Here the impression is 300,000 per month. Roughly, they generates $750 a month from this one ad.

They yet needs to integrate advertising on iPhone.

The Web/Facebook contain roughly 100,000 monthly active users. Also, they have a single Google Adsense advertisement at the top of most pages. which helps them to earn 800 dollars of money from mobile apps per month.

From selling gold memberships to remove the ads for $2.99 a month, they are able generate an additional $3,000 a month from them. Also, there strategy to sell virtual points via Stripe and in-app purchases help them  tp brings in roughly $6,000 a month in take-home revenue.

Brian P. Hamachek, Said, “I would say that our current strategy is only moderately aggressive in terms of maximizing revenue.  We are focusing on user acquisition instead at the moment. We are largely bootstrapped though, so do need to generate some money.  I think we could easily double our total revenue from the app, but at the detriment of the user experience.”

Infographic described!  List of Best Mobile Apps To Make Money Fast

Earn Money from Android Mobile Apps
Earn Money from Android Mobile Apps


Closing Line: From the above-mentioned ways, you might well conscious about that there is a number of opportunities to earn money from Android mobile app market. Since its inception, the app market has been getting the tremendous growth. It has proved the most promising income source. There are over 25% of app developers earn around $5,000 per month on the iOS platform and Android sees 18% of owners are just as well. Amongst all, video games application is getting good revenue as compared to another. And there are multiple factors behind it as well. Nowadays, due to the busy schedule of people, they are more into using a mobile application rather than TVs.
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