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8 Things You Must Consider Before You Start Your App Development Project!

- Mobile App Development

The percentage of mobile apps in the market is ready to reach new heights.A report by Statista`s shows – the revenue generated by the global mobile app industry has skyrocketed.

There are ultimate chances that your business mobile app might go unnoticed. Assigning a project is not going to make things work for you. Like any other business, your mobile app development process should be organized, strategized, and designed to solve the purpose of end-users.

Before making any big decisions, you need to make sure that you evaluate results in advance. To get started, I’ve compiled this 8-step introductory guide. Kindly, read and drop your comments below!

Solve a Problem

Your mobile app should successful solves a problem and satisfies a consumer need. Having a clear vision regarding the target customer, enhance the success ratio of your app. Research and make a clear insight into problems that your mobile app is going to solve for users while making them live with no trouble.

Resolve a Problem

It is necessary to implement a concept that is either original or improves on the concept of a competitor app. While building an app development plan, there should be a sense of purpose that meet the needs of your consumers. Avoid paying money for creating blind imitations that fail to achieve success at last. Instead, design a full-proof strategy that shows a clear vision of what you intend to achieve with your app. In case you develop an app that does not have a specific use or purpose, it probably ends up being irreverent to users.  A research is, therefore, an essential part of mobile app development project to identify your customer’s potential pain points or barriers to purchase.

Your marketing efforts play an important role to make a successful mobile app model. You have to convey your brand message on a specific target market so that more and more customers are likely to download your app or buy from you than other markets. Serve your target market in the best way possible. Ask them – what they want; evaluate their real demand and take all the necessary decisions to suffice them.

Engineering a Right Platform

To make a level-headed discussion on selecting a mobile app platform can be entirely befuddling initially. Once you research and ready to make a choice amongst Android and iOS platform, you have to consider a holistic UI that will deliver the decent user experience.

Single or Cross Platform

These factors are not only going to motivate your developer: altogether it boosts the scope and flexibility of your project. Coding that is required to create a mobile app will, therefore, decide the utility and adaptability of your app’s offerings.

Mobile App Design

Once you get out of the previous step, you can dive into app designing. This is another significant factor responsible for the success of an app in the market. You have to consider both the terma – UI & UX design.

Your user interface (UI) designer is responsible for the transference of a brand’s strengths and visual assets to a product’s interface as to best enhance the user’s experience. On the other hand, your user experience (UX) designer is responsible for the development and improvement of quality interaction between a user and all sides of a company. So, if you want your mobile app to be successful, you have to consider both UI & UX to be not just a minor aspect of design, but an essential component of product success strategy. Choose your mobile app partner very carefully!

So in conclusion, I would like to say if you are concerned about sociology, cognitive science, people and great products, User Experience is a good place to be at the place. Whereas, if you understand those principles and are more visually inclined, you might look at its brother-in-arms: User Interface Design.

Suitable App Development Company

Of course, the decision to choose a suitable mobile app company is yours, but there must be qualified engineers to handle your mobile app project. Because the successful execution of strategy depends on the type of mobile app Development Company you choose. Everyone is equally responsible for making your App user-friendly, aesthetic and intuitive.

Best App Development Company

Check and clarify all these opinions before selecting a company or an agency!

  • List of mobile technologies used.
  • Work Portfolio/Case studies – Stories of success
  • Previous customers, they have worked with
  • Time-Zone for effective communication.

It is best to select a company that has a sound knowledge of design, development, and marketing to successfully complete your project under one roof.  Your project handlers must consider your customer goals and preferences. At the ends, your app must be built in such a way that the user can perform its designated functions without any assistance.

Cost of Development

While hiring an app development company, you must compare the cost of different companies for each job you need to be done. But in no way you compromise with the quality. The success of your business mobile app depends on its quality. It is obvious that cost varies among companies, developers, & repeated agencies and the type of project being created. To build an effective app, you must look for a company that can:

How Much Cost to Develop Mobile App

  • Understand your idea better.
  • Provide a Suitable budget.
  • Work with a planned approach to development
  • Assure you best quality
  • Creative way to develop, using the latest technology
  • Comfortable with your payment model whether it’s per hour or flat fee.

Hourly payment mode is recommended. The reason is – this will help you get an idea of the team skills and how they are working? You can quit without wasting your money if you`re not satisfied.

A Minimum Viable App

Before getting your app out in the market, it is recommended to test your business mobile app.

Minimum Viable App

MVP is a suitable version of your app that contains all the crucial features.

  • What problem does your app solve?
  • How you user can solve their problem with your product?
  • What is the strongest USP of your app?
  • What is the most significant features in your app for users?
  • Which features should you prioritize?

MVP helps you to get a deep introspection of your app in an exact manner. Also, you can understand the essence of your mobile app in a precise manner.

Monetize Your Business Mobile App

Monetization is a popular way to recover the money that you invested in your business mobile app. Private advertisements inside your application can help you make money through pay per click or pay per view basis. Apart from this, there are certainly other ways to monetize your application, Find it out or you can consult our marketing expert.

On initial grounds, you can go with a freemium option. Further, you have to determine whether you will be charging users to download or integrate in-app purchase strategy.

Once your mobile application hits the target of 1000 downloads, free banner ad services are pre-built effectively into each template and start naturally. You just have to integrate advertisement code into the application, and can roll on to earn through affiliate advertising.

AdMob, Google Analytics, Add Colony, and Flurry are only a few services that can help you monetize, track, and expand your app’s customer lifecycle.

Effective App Marketing

After development, it is equally important to market your business app in a way that can influence your user to download your app. Initially, set your first milestone of releasing an app in the store and slightly announce your audience that there’s something critical in store for them. Before making the app available for the wider audience, make sure to get big flaws resolved by testing.

Effective Marketing

Now the app is developed successfully, it is equally important to effectively market your app to among your target users. Initiate by putting your foot right in the app store and slightly announce your app features to make your audience know that there’s something new in store for them. A/B testing and user analysis is the key to improvise strategy and avoid mistakes made by your rivals.

Some of the mobile analytics tool that can help in this process:

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Preemptive

A lot of old-fashioned companies often trap you by performing some old fashion SEO activities and social media marketing techniques. Therefore, choose a company that has mastered the marketing process of mobile application and help you get things done for your business.

Mobile app is a suitable way to make your online business successful. Using qualified marketing strategies, you can effectively grow your business.
Before considering the decision of developing a mobile, keep these things at the back of your mind that a mobile app can make your app less fragile. A mobile application is a just a strategic call rather than a technical call. Therefore, you must nurture intrinsically this thought in your values and objectives.
Get your ideas executed by hiring the best mobile app development company, and do let us know about your successful journey at info@revivalpixel.com , or in the comments section below.

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